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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pacific Oasis. (CRWB) was outstanding at keeping his crew working and the crew was able to accomplish a substantial amount of work in a very short time frame. I was able to listen in to some of their briefings and they had very clear leaders intent. Their crew cohesion and attitude was outstanding and I was very impressed. I would request to work with them over any crew and look forward to working with them again.


This crew did an outstanding job for me. They IA on division J on a spot fire, talked to air resources for me, placed lookouts and lots of other stuff.  This and one other Pacific Oasis crew I worked with made my job easier, this Oasis crew should be a Type 2 IA crew. I thank this crew for their outstanding work, outstanding performance, outstanding job.


Solid group of people. Crew was utilized to cut handline on a ridge above a box canyon and then down a slope to tie in with the crew working up. Well organized crew with good leadership. Crew was always happy and worked hard. Crew Boss Trainee made sound, timely decisions. Line construction and placement was exceptional. GPS use and navigation was exceptional and sets an industry standard. I look forward to working with this crew again. Crew overhead is motivated to improve.


Pacific Oasis is particularly procedure oriented, always proceeding into assignment and driving with briefings and direction. Very safety conscious. Pacific Oasis C-2 is a competent, organized, productive T2 crew. Willing and experienced workers. No complaints and was fit enough for seven days of greater than six mile hikes into two remote fires. Gridding and mop up was done professionally.  (CRWB) calmly and effectively directed and organized the crew.


I gave all superior rankings to Pacific Oasis C-1 crew because of the complexity of the fire and working in type 1 ground. This crew was awesome in their motivation and eagerness to please. Their crew boss showed passion and a desire to complete all tasks in a quality manner. I was never disappointed by the performance of this crew. No matter what the assignment they were professional, organized, safe, and hard working. I would truly like to work with this crew again.


This crew was my primary resource on a fast moving fire in rough mountainous terrain. During extreme fire conditions they performed in an efficient, safe and professional manner. I highly recommend them for future assignments.


Very good crew. Always kept busy. No problems. Performed work as assigned. This crew would rate in the top of the crews that I have worked with in the past 20 years. I would recommend them for future fire assignments.


Crew worked very hard for me. They worked behind the hot shot crew and kept up with them. They keep LCES in place at all times. Thanks for the hard work.


Crew leadership trained, mentored, and most importantly lead by example and voice to maximize situational awareness throughout the crew. Quality and quantity of line was above average. I would enjoy working with this crew in any fire situation.


The Pacific Oasis crew was on time and “on the ball” when most needed. Thanks for the good work!!


The Pacific crew did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with them. Three of the four shifts being mop up and rehab, the crew did a great job keeping up with morale and crew safety. I would have no problem working with this crew again. Great Job!


Very good crew. Kept busy working hard, did not need any supervision. Good Job! 


This was a professional, hard working crew, In addition to mop up, they got two days of IA and two days of long hose lay securing the fire. They performed well and stayed on task throughout the assignment. They worked well with other resources and were an asset to the fire operation.


(CRWB) and his crew did a great job performing tasks such as road brushing, traffic control, hazard tree felling operations working around heavy equiptment and mop up. The crew remained flexible with changing conditions and completed assigned tasks on time and safely. A pleasure to have on my team.


Great crew. Good leadership. Would do any assignment I asked them. Always on time. Good attitude. Great work ethic. Not a crew I needed to worry about.


Crew did an excellent job of initial attack on multiple days. Excellent job of protecting structures. Opperational periods occurred during night shift.


Very aware of LCES and especially very active with multiple fronts. Knew when to call for additional resources such as dozers. Aware of spot fire potential. (CRWB) was a good motivator, excellent leader, and willing to do extra work beyond what was expected.


(CRWB) runs his crew the same as a type 1 crew would run. He is well organized, knowledgeable, and communicated very well, all leading to a great crew. He and his crew work hard and work well with other crews. Given more time to work with this crew I am sure they would have received even more superior marks, I look forward to working with this crew again.


Crew works well together and has a sense of pride and a can do attitude. Very good communication to crew regarding mission, safety, communication, and quality of work by CRWB and CRWB (T). I would be pleased to work with this crew at any time.


My husband and I were having breakfast at a Denny’s in Tremonton, UT this morning when a blond man and his female companion came in and sat at a table near by. They were wearing Pacific Oasis tee shirts. They were nice and polite to everyone. We wondered if they were motorcyclists or who they were. As he visited with his waitress, we determined that they were firefighters. We heard him tell his waitress that “he had just talked to them and they were 30 miles out”. He went on to tell her that his family owned Pacific Oasis and he was visiting with her about this years busy fire season. What happened next really made an impression on my husband and I. As his crew came in, that young man got up, walked toward them and greeted each one of them with a handshake and a hug! We were impressed with his genuine caring for his workers! Made our day!



Ashland, oregon

Fire dispatch

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fire dispatch


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